Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Racing

While fall racing does have it ups and downs, it always succeeds in pushing the limits of your team. People like to play it safe during practice but it's when you're out there on race day that you redefine your definition of fast. When going against the clock you aren't letting other boats determine your race; you're racing against yourself. Fall is when crews realize their potential for the spring and work through the long winters in order to stay with the competition. Competition isn't about racing against the other crews but racing against yourself.

Many people don't like head racing and it is for that reason, but it's the true competitors that can take what they learned about themselves in the fall and apply it to the spring. It's the long pieces that build physical endurance, it's the long pieces that build determination, and it's especially the long pieces that build a hunger for racing and the feeling that comes with spring racing.
happy winter training everyone :)